Pet Portraits

Pets are part of the family and such a huge part of our lives. I've received many requests over the years for drawings of beloved pets and in all shapes and sizes. These portraits make wonderful gifts for friends or family who have grown up or old with their faithful friend. I always try to bring out the personality of the pet in the same way as I do for people, and I try to find out as much about their behaviour and characteristics ahead of beginning work to get a real sense of how they are/were in real life with the aim of reflecting this in their portrait. 

'Black and white cat', faber-castell pitt pastel on pastel mat paper, 21 x 24 cm, (2017)

Gorgeous old family cat who was commissioned by a woman as a gift for her parents.

'Neena', faber-castell pitt pastel on 300gsm watercolour paper, 14.5 x 18 cm, (2017)

A cute Daschund pup, completed in August 2017 to celebrate her own dedicated Instagram account.

'Bessie', faber-castell pitt pastel on 300gsm watercolour paper, 21 x 23 cm, (2017)

This bundle of energy was commissioned by her owner to display in her home.

'Barkley', pencil, 14.8 x 21 cm (2017)

A beloved childhood dog commissioned by his owner.

Terrier, pencil, 14.8 x 21 cm (2015)

A sweet terrier that was commissioned by the owner's partner as a surprise for her.

‘Jacky’, pencil, 14 x 21 cm (2016)

A small but sweet commission for the client’s father for Christmas Day.

‘Carpin and Làszlo’, pencil, 35 x 50 cm (2016) Detail of the maltese, Làszlo

‘Carpin and Làszlo’, pencil, 35 x 50 cm (2016)

This piece had an emotional and sweet story to it. The owner of his two dogs, a schnauzer and a maltese, commissioned a portrait of both of them. One had recently passed away and shortly after this was completed, the other dog also passed away. The love the client had for his two family members was astonishing and served as the perfect example of how dogs really aren’t just pets.

‘Paulie’, charcoal and pencil, 89 x 60 cm (2016)

This beautiful dog was commissioned by his owner who lives in Philadelphia, USA. Large in scale, this piece was wonderful to complete since it allowed for more freedom of movement in terms of applying graphite powder and loose charcoal.

Labrador portrait, pencil, 29 x 42 cm (2014)

The client requested a portrait of her partner’s labrador which was completed in time for her to present it to him for Christmas.

‘Titch’, pencil, 14 x 21 cm (2016)

Another small-scale portrait of the client’s partner’s family dog, Titch.

Scottish Terrier, pencil, small-scale (2014)