Other Projects

When I'm not working on a commission, I love to sketch, doodle, illustrate things, do life-drawing and generally have fun with my own practice. This downtime is equally as valuable to producing commissions in many ways as it allows me to 'loosen up' and practice different techniques with no constraints. These techniques are crucial for maintaining and feeding directly back into my main portfolio. I have designed furniture, clothing, handbags, bed headboards, storyboards for films and even painted the hair onto mannequins! There are some interesting and unusual projects out there and this adds a lot to my practice. 

Storyboarding for a Netflix episode (2016)

Sketch from the sculptures of Auguste Rodin at the Rodin Museum, Paris (2017)

Bowie, charcoal and pencil, 50 x 50 cm (2014)

Commissioned for a big fan of Bowie for his Christmas gift. This piece required a lot of condensed charcoal with only light pencil used for detail in the face.


Stanley Kubrick on the set of Barry Lyndon, pencil, 27 x 40 cm (2015)

Commissioned for a fan of Stanley Kubrick in 2015. The background was left blank to pin the focus on the main subject.

Sketching the Big Wheel at Place de la Concorde from Jardin des Tuileries, Paris (2017)


Jesse, pencil, 15 x 21 cm (2017)

Quick sketch (15 minutes)

Life drawing montage (2009)

Sketch of classmate (2007)

Life drawing (2009)

Life drawing (2009)

Simon, preparatory sketch, pencil,  21 x 30 cm (2012)

Progress on illustrations for a Warhammer fan (2016)