Individual Portraits

There are numerous things to consider as an artist when embarking on a new piece of work. Throughout the 10 years that I have been producing drawings, the one main goal I always try to achieve is to capture a likeness (through scale, tone, light and a focus on the inherent look or feel of the subject) and the characteristics which make them unique. This takes a significant amount of time to develop, spending time practicing life-drawing and drawing from life outside in different environments and contexts. I have always relished life-drawing classes as for me they embody the basic rules and techniques that everyone practicing realistic style work should know and be familiar with. This kind of repetitive sketching never stops for an artist and life-drawing has been and continues to be a large part of my practice. Whether it's a nude or a bowl of fruit, practice practice and more practice is key!

Male subject, pencil, 28 x 35 cm, (2017)

Commissioned by a US client as part of a couple's anniversary (click to enlarge for more detail).

Tania Raymonde, 26 x 17.5 cm (2017)

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Small scale drawing of the actress made with pencil. Charcoal and eraser used on the hair to create subtle highlights. Enlarge for more detail.

Detail of Tania Raymonde commission

Elisabeth, charcoal, 165 x 110 cm (2012)

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This piece is large-scale drawing which took approximately 20 hours. The contrast of the lighting on the face and hair is strong and condensed charcoal was used for very dark areas.

Elisabeth (detail), charcoal, 165 x 110 cm (2012)

Detail of progress which shows the method of filling in the background first using powdered charcoal, never using trace marks or masking tape.

Ella, pencil, 29 x 42 cm (2016)

Commissioned for the parents of their beautiful daughter Ella climbing a tree. Detail of the portrait, showing detailed gradual shading in facial features.

Julian, charcoal powder and pencil, 150 x 110 cm (2013)

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This piece was commissioned in 2013 and took approximately 15 hours to complete. It was exhibited at the Swiss Cottage Library Open Exhibition in 2013.

William, charcoal, 165 x 110 cm (2012)

SOLD / Private Collection

Part of the series from our final degree show, this portrait of William was hung first within the exhibition space. It was the first to take people’s interest and was sold as shortly after the exhibition came to an end. The portrait appears from a distance to be made predominantly from the lines on his t-shirt but as you go closer the details of this iconic piece reveal themselves, one of the many interesting features of producing large-scale work.

The Blooms (family portrait, detail), charcoal and pencil, 59 x 84 cm (2016)

Detail of one of the daughters of the commission.

Simon, charcoal, 165 x 110 cm (2012)

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This large-scale portrait demanded a lot of work for the shirt and this became the focal point of the piece.

Old Man, charcoal, 29 x 42 cm (2012)

This was a quick sketch to practice contrasted shading, as shown in the cheek portion of the portrait.