Family Portraits

Family portraits are a favourite of mine to produce. They embody so much emotion, from the group's relationships with each other through to the history of that family and the destination of where the piece will end up and travel onto in the future. As families grow together, they evolve and change all the time, from when children leave home for college to one's children starting their own families. These momentous occasions warrant a memento to remember good times that have passed. These pieces also often become more valuable as they are passed from one generation to the next. In short, they are cherished and often held onto for many years to come.


The Shorten brother, pencil, 28 x 35 inches (2017)

A lovely portrait of two brothers commissioned as a gift for their father.  

Works on display at Jam In A Jar, Haringey, London (2014)

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The Brown family, pencil, 21 x 29 cm (2016)

Commissioned by the father for his wife shortly after the birth of their son William.


The Blooms (family portrait), charcoal and pencil, 59 x 84 cm (2016)

A request from the father and one of the daughters to produce a family commission for the mother for her birthday.

Freeman brothers, pencil, 21 x 29 cm (2012)

Commissioned by the family of all three sons.